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Driving positive impact through marketing design

We specialize in translating marketing design concepts into compelling visual experiences that inspire action for marketing consultants. 

At Extended Frames, our dedication to supporting marketing consultants is evident through our three pillars: Marketing video, Creative support, and Business presentation.

Mastering the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

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Consequences of misaligned branding

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Video marketing campaign: How to?

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Storytime: Why we exist!


Making an impact

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How we do it

By aligning your brand’s values, messaging, and visuals, we facilitate the development of authentic connections that build trust, foster loyalty, and nurture long-term relationships.

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Unlocking value for your marketing design requirements

From a small-scale project to a large-scale campaign, we offer scalable solutions to accommodate your needs. Providing a cost-effective and efficient way to address projects of various magnitudes.


To help you get started with our services, our project-based pricing ensures clarity, flexibility, and easier budgeting. We provide a comprehensive quote that covers the entire project, including revisions for clear cost expectations, and streamlined communication.

Pre-paid subscriptions

Forge a bond of trust and collaboration as we embark on this ongoing creative adventure together. Our team becomes an extension of yours, working tirelessly to bring your visions to life, and empowering you to make the creative choices that drive your success.

Additional services

We provide add-on services to enhance your project further if needed. We will review the additional costs associated with these services, enabling you to make informed decisions. Note: This additional service applies to a project-based plan.

Valued and trusted by our clients:
"Brand-centric approach, creative partnership, fearless innovation, unwavering commitment, and dynamic adaptability."

Your marketing design success story starts here!

Unlock the path to your aspirations with a simple step and discover the perfect fit for your requirements. Whether you’re aiming to innovate, create, or elevate don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions – let’s shape a unique path together.